Sunday, June 5, 2011

Edmund's Pottery Day, Revisited

Been a while since I checked in. I was under the weather, and out of the studio for almost a month. The studio has a musty, fusty air of neglect and disorder. It has an accumulation of unglazed ware that I swear is GLARING at me, and a chalked list of to-do items that is growing unchecked.

But if I couldn't get down to the heavy business of work, and while I was putting on a few pounds sitting and lying around, spending waaay too much time on computer and TV, and being cranky, I could still organize my thoughts about the website, research shipping, and bust my website builder's chops a lot.

Website work continued. The news: we plan to go live July 18th. Compared to my late, dysfunctional, unlamented website, this one will be a streamlined and spare gallery that works as it is supposed to.

While at my computer over the weeks, leafing through my hefty file of stories for children, I browsed through my old Edmund's Pottery Day illustrations. Several years ago I sent out this picture book manuscript to a few publishing houses, but it was ignored or received rejections for a while, and I put it away to work on other picture book manuscripts. I knew the original story was too teach-y. I knew the illustrations I sent with it were not spontaneous or skilled enough to satisfy me (never mind a publishing house), but they still have some charm. So while I sat around not feeling well, I began putting them up on Facebook, one or two a day, with very little explanation. Here they are, minus text. Click on each picture for a larger version:

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