Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nerdly Birdly Pottery Thoughts

Lots of time to observe, here in Maine. Sketching plans for rectangular vases with rock-textured and water-textured surfaces. Planning patterns on bowls like the dotted black and white of the common loons on the lake, with two small red dots like their red eyes. Colors on all kinds of pots, as found in the irridescent neckfeathers of hummingbird, deep yellow of the oriole and rust, buff and soft yellow of the crested flycatcher I see through binoculars from the porch. Thinking of splotching variegated browns and whites, as on the juvenile eagles over the Kennebec River. So much to do when I get back in the studio. So much birdly and earthly nerdiness to translate into pots.


  1. What, no new textures to play with? It's unusual to hear you enthused about glazing.

  2. Yes, Gila, both textures and colors. We grow and stretch, do we not??