Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Orphans & Oddments" to the Rescue!

We had dishes for 6 (which is how many we are this year) for Passover dairy meals, but 2 more guests arriving for lunch. To the kiln room! The Orphans & Oddments section! Two plates that didn't match anything the rescue.

Lots of salads, and not enough bowls- same meal- back to the kiln room for two bowls. Here are two tureens, one red with blue interior and one pale green, both orphans because their lids met with accident... presto. Salad bowls.

They are with the dairy dishes here, as are two pots which came upstairs way back: the mug with the slight fissure above the handle, and the oval fish platter with the slightly rough glaze I made back in the '90s.

But we are having coffee! And there is no milk pitcher! Another trot downstairs, back to Orphans & Oddments, to the funky little creamer that didn't match anything else and has been ignored, gathering dust for quite a long time.

And the washing cup we used before got chipped, so last year I brought up this blue one from the kiln room. It has a thin spot on the glaze inside and had been put on the seconds shelf...

My very own little Shop of Oddments. So handy.


  1. the pitcher that is only half-glazed is so cool!

  2. The bottom of the pitcher actually is glazed, a sort of satin matte coral color. I have had my eye on that one for a while and took the opportunity to keep it.

  3. It's one of the perks of having you as a mom, the endless supply of seconds. But we all feel greedy when we take salable stuff! You will recall that we tried to discourage you on Pesach, but I do love using your wares.