Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot From the Kiln! Show Prep

First I took inventory of previously made show stock while the newest load cooled in the kiln. (Remember, as always, you can click on any photo for a bigger image):
14 washing cups & more (with a tulipiere hiding in back)
Then I opened the kiln and began to unload! Still at 250 F but I couldn't wait.
Assembling the kiln load on the floor of the kiln room to assess
Made by candlelight one day during the Superstorm Sandy power outage. Apropos!
Interesting! The Wee Willie Winkie candleholders above (see my post of 11/4) are way cute!

Good form, I think. Very reminiscent of the seashore.

And the freeform pieces (from the previous post) were mostly glazed like these above, kind of a salt-glaze effect. It's a browner color than I expected, due to my red glaze being over the darker clay I used in the week after Superstorm Sandy. For contrast, below is a similar piece, same glaze, on white clay. Quite a difference! I like the one below a lot.
Red glaze on white clay. Liking.

 Not sure about this one below. What do you think?
Too much?

But I'm sure about these below- they're very nice!

Liking the color combination...
Compare that tray with the wavy edge with one without, in a different color scheme. Both nice. The front one is a little fancier.
Similar forms, yet different

I'm playing with snakeskin texture on these (below) thrown-slab vessels. Black underglaze under red glaze. Hmm...jury is still out.
Snakeskin texture

Looking down into the bottom of the kiln after unloading the rest...Don't want to subject the tulipieres to thermal shock so they are not yet unloaded. They are sculptural pieces, thrown and assembled from various parts. I will let them cool in the kiln.
Tulipieres...and cups. Complex design next to simple.
Maybe I'll see you at the show on Sunday! Come visit and see the work in person!

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