Monday, January 18, 2010

Honor Mug

I only know of 3 people who have signed up for RSS or have other means of automatic notification of new posts, so you 3 have a 33.3% shot at a new mug in March! Excellent odds so far, I'd say. I still don't know how to tell who else subscribed, so if you are someone who has done so and I don't know about it, tell me. We are on the honor system.

It gives me a kick to be on the honor system. It's like taking a half-bushel of tomatoes from the unmanned roadside stand, and leaving your money in the little basket with the note on it that reads, "Pay here".


  1. ok, im not sure what i signed up for in the past, but im all over the RSS thing now.

    so im having a bit of trouble with the gradations of honor in this context. would signing up under several different pseudonyms be like taking money out of the basket? or is it kinda like standing on your tippy-toes to reach the top of the cardboard cutout when you were slightly too short to get on any of the good rides at great adventures? i mean, im no thief, but honor be darned when it comes to getting on the batman ride :)

  2. Dude, and you a lawyer? Honor is as honor does, fella. I expect honor and I get honor. No free tomaytas at the farm stand.

  3. Wow, you just brought back memories from Joe's farm in southern VA from about 12 years ago. He was this old farmer that smoked like a chimney had huge baskets of fresh, fresh, farm produce. When he wasn't there, he had a price on each basket, a scale, and a cash box for deposits and for taking your own change. Us New Yorkers couldn't believe the trust he had in his little honor system!

  4. Shameful confession as a member of the internet generation: I'm not sure how to sign up for the RSS feed... any hints?