Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lottery to break the doldrums

Sometimes there's not much going on inside the studio.
Sometimes it's web site work that day, or other office stuff, or a trip for supplies.
Sometimes it's time to mix up new buckets of glaze from my dry materials and recipe list. Measure, measure, measure, mix, sieve, sieve again. This is very boring.

Sometimes the matzah plate made to match the seder plate from last week warps, and sends me back to the design stage. RATS. (That was this week.)

Sometimes other things need taking care of that have nothing to do with clay. Now happens to be the right time to delve into family history, for which I took a trip to my aunt and cousin in Long Island yesterday. Never got into the studio at all.

Those times, there's not much to blog about. So let me thank you for continuing to read even on days when it's more of a bog than a blog.

To reward you for your diligence, I am going to make you an offer. If you sign up for an RSS feed of the blog, I will put your name in a lottery. On March 17, 2010, nine weeks hence, I will do a drawing for a mug. This is either a blue and green mug with white interior, or a cream and chocolate colored mug. Either one holds at least 10 ounces. If you win it, and are in the US or Canada I will ship it, or hand it over if you're local. If you are in Israel, I will eventually send it via someone making the trip. (Other countries- sorry, guys. You just get a note saying thanks.)

How, you ask, do you find out about RSS feeds? Go to the URL box at the top of your monitor, where you have typed in the web address of this blog (URL). Right next to the URL box is a little blue square symbol. Click on it and follow through the sign-up process via RSS. It's not bad at all- I've done it, and I'm no tech wiz. Then, when I put up a new post, you will get notified automatically. You won't have to remember to check for something new.

Good luck!


  1. Hey I hope I'm not grandfathered-OUT because I signed up a while ago :)
    I don't know if it's only on a Safari Browser but I have a box on the other side of the "B" (on the right side of the URL box) that says "RSS" and when I clicked on that it took me to an easy sign up page.


  2. Yoni, you are IN. Thanks for the information about the RSS box. Hope it helps others.
    If people have signed up for google reader or other feeds that send the new posts automatically, that would also be good- but they should let me know, and be honest!

  3. I see your new posts cuz i check your facebook profile pretty often to see if you put up new blog posts (i do the same thing to eliyahu's facebook page ;) ) but i'll def sign up for the rss feed for the chance at a hand-crafted mimi mug pshh!

  4. Yoni- I went back and fixed the directions to sign up for RSS! Thanks. Skiqueen, did you do it that way? Thanks for entering my lottery!

  5. i'm signed up on google reader instead of the RSS :)