Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tall Bowl with Narrow Foot

Recently, visiting my daughter, I noticed a bowl I made and gave her when she was in grad school. It is on a corner étagère in her living room, not in a kitchen cabinet. I liked the form, and the decorative brushwork on it.
“It’s not a useful shape,” she said, “but I like it.”
My byword at the studio has usually been “function” over the years.
This is theoretically a functional object, but the narrow profile, taller than it is round, standing on a narrow foot, makes it fairly impractical.
I thought I would have another go at this form. As long as it is impractical anyway, I altered the round rim to three-sided, and impressed it with a couple of wave stamps I made a few years back. I made several, altered, stamped and carved.
The first one to be glazed:

I like the surprise of a red interior, contrasting with the cool green exterior.
There’s another, taller, narrower one with deep carving on it currently in the kiln. This is fun. Not too functional, but fun.

Some info about this Chinese Blue Green and Red tall bowl: It is 6.75" high, 7" across at the mouth, and just 2.5" across at the nice neat raised foot. It is fired to 2,290 degrees F in my electric kiln. Like all fine stoneware that is not too thick, it has a nice ring when tapped; this one is fairly low in tone. I know because I went around tapping pots today- a kind of studio music! It is $60 (plus shipping, and tax if you live in NJ) from my studio, and can be bought by e-mailing me at It is currently the only one like it I have. Each Tall Bowl I make will always be somewhat different from the previous one.

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