Monday, February 28, 2011

Tall Bowl Series

Here's a quick update on the tall bowls.
The second bowl, taller than it is wide:

and a little closer detail:

The nutmeg glaze is a truly satin matte. It feels as soft as silk. And the leaves? I love leaves. They are the most common motif in my pottery.

I was asked for more information on this bowl. It is made on my potter's kickwheel, hand carved (very contemplative and enjoyable) and hand dipped in glazes. I made the glazes, as I do with almost all my glazes, from recipes using various powders with lovely names like dolomite and bentonite and nepheline syenite and spodumene. It doesn't get much more handmade than this in the contemporary pottery world.

The bowl is 7.5" tall, 6.5" wide at the mouth and just under 3" wide at the narrow foot. It was fired to 2,290 degrees F in my electric kiln. It is currently the only one of its kind (I plan to make somewhat similar ones, but these can never be exactly alike- they are freehand). If you're interested in owning this tall carved bowl, it is $60 plus shipping (& tax if you live in NJ), and you can buy it by way of an e-mail to

Feel free to pass on the link to my blog! In the absence of my ailing website, it is the best way I have to keep showing the pottery I am making as fast as I produce it. Thanks! And thanks, you guys who buy my work!

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