Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Symposium: Women Working with Clay, Day 3

I am overwhelmed by this day. Too much to assimilate means too much to talk about. Photos, instead.

Donna Polseno's thrown & altered covered pot

Another of Donna's...

Ellen Shankin's covered jar- I loved seeing this made in all its stages.

Seeing Ellen add and form this handle was actually a highlight of my day. 

Mary Barringer's Bowl (love this shot of it)

Lisa Clague, adding a drape of slip-covered fabric to her sculpture.

Tip Toland's sculpture grew and changed- amazing to watch.

But another highlight of my day was when my new friend Marita Early gave me a salt-fired pendant she'd made, strung on a cord. I was touched and delighted to wear it.


  1. The photos get the point across. Mary's bowl is my favorite.

  2. Lita, it IS beautiful, isn't it? My favorite is a simple and simply beautiful bowl by Ellen Shenkin. I plan to see more of her work the first Sunday in December at the Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ. Mary Barringer may be there as well. Come along! Everybody go if you can, it's a truly wonderful show.