Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tulipieres, Part II

I did mention that the tulipieres had only gone through one step in the creative process, though you may have thought you "got the picture." 

To quote Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”  So…it ain’t over. Welcome to stage 2.

Tulipiere 1, now with “tulip spouts” attached, two views:

tulipiere 1, stage 2, side view
tulipiere 1, stage 2, front view

 Tulipiere 1 started with two rim openings, and now has four places to put flowers. Tulipiere 2 started with three openings, which have now grown to seven:

tulipiere 2, stage 2, side view

They are changing from thrown pots into near-sculptural forms.

tulipiere 3, stage 2
Some of you commented on tulipiere 4, below, liking it as it was. I wonder what your impression is now.

tulipiere 4, stage 2, front view
And look how tulipiere 4 changes when viewed from the side:
tulipiere 4, stage 2, side view

Here they all are in a group. Tulipieres, stage 2. What do they suggest to you? They look like sea forms to me, or..?

And that is the end of stage 2. 

Next, stage 3, which will bring texture and color to the surfaces. Tightly covered, these will wait to go to stage 3 till I get back from the clay symposium I’m attending next week.

Late next week, thoughts and photos from the clay symposium! And then, when I get back into the studio the week after, stay tuned for photos of these tulipieres, stage 3.

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