Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Took Out My Camera & They Started Mugging

They have been proliferating in my studio. They are lounging on the shelves. They are snooty, not talking to the bowls next door. Worst of all, they are incredible hams. As soon as I cranked up my camera, they started mugging all over the place. They can just move on out, as far as I'm concerned. Someone might like to pay their moving expenses...

The cutie pie mugs double as espresso cups. They hold about 6 oz, and they are a friendly lot, varying a little in height and color but looking like siblings. First they were just standing around... then they did a stack. Little showoffs. ($12 each)

Then the small mugs hurried over. At a little over 7 oz. capacity, and about 3 3/4" high, they think they're pretty cute. They're kind of a diverse crew. ($15 each)

They begged for a closeup, being pretty vain. I obliged.

(Note: The top left small mug has been sold. Thank you!)

The quite-a-bit-bigger mugs (which I think of as Medium) were asking to be handled next- they intended no pun. These ambled over a little slower, as they are built to contain 12-13 oz. At 3.5"-4.75" tall, they swagger a little, too. There were 8 of them, some related to each other and some just friends of the family. They thought they were the biggest, but they weren't. ($22 each)

Then the Muggi Jumbissimi arrived in a pack. They are quiet for their size, gentle giants, but the other mugs shrank back in respect. At 16 oz capacity, they know their own worth, but never brag. ($24 each)

(Note: One of these Jumbissimi has found a new home. Thank you!)

Four shy ones had to be coaxed into being seen. The cream ones hold 8 oz and the green ones hold 10 oz. They are self-conscious, because they are the only ones with 2-finger handles instead of 3-finger or 4-finger handles. They don't need to feel inadequate, though. They're really very sweet. Some people love the 2-finger-handle types and these were just made for those folks. The cream-colored ones ($18 each) can hold 8 oz, and the green ones ($20 each) 10 oz.

(Note: The upper green mug has been sold. Thank you!)
You can give these characters a new home and give me room for the next group!

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