Friday, March 25, 2011

Skipper and Scooter Get Markers

Sitting on the back deck one sunny hour earlier this week, my husband and I realized our neighbor and friend, M., was digging in her flowerbed nearby.
“Planting?” I asked her. M. planting is a sure sign of spring.
“No- I’m burying my bird,” she told us.
“Oh! I’m sorry!”
“He died a few months ago,” she said. The little bird had been in the garage freezer till the snow melted and the ground was soft enough to dig. She pointed out where her other bird had been buried a few years ago. There was a brick over that spot. M. was thinking of putting a brick over this one, too.
M. is creative in both her personal and professional life. I suggested she make a grave marker for each of the birds in my studio. Last evening, she came by and did so. It didn’t take very long, maybe forty minutes from start through cleanup.
She was able to roll out a 1/2” thick piece of clay quick as can be, using my slab roller. M. cut them into shape and cleaned up the edges. She put to use bird and flower stamps, and other stamps I have made over the years from clay and plaster.
Skipper and Scooter, remembered!

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