Sunday, March 13, 2011

*Win a Free Pair of Blue Mugs*

I feel the time has come for another mug giveaway.
You must be a subscriber to be eligible for the drawing.
These are the two lovelies being given, basking on the porch in the first cloudy, faint glimmers of Spring:

You must be in the U.S. to be eligible. Otherwise there are no rules. Oh, it would help if you were attracted by handmade mugs, so light to hold, so happy to make your acquaintance. Because these are that oxymoron, cheerfully blue mugs, just for you.

How do you subscribe? Option One: Allllll the way down to the very bottommost bottom of this page, there is a link that reads Subscribe Now. Click it. Choose from the options how you want to subscribe- do you want notice of new posts to come to your Yahoo? Your Google page? Or-? Then just follow directions. Easy shmeezy. Option Two: In the URL box at the top of this window, you will see a blue (mac) or orange (PC) squarish shape with some curved white lines in it. Hover your mouse over it. It will say Subscribe to This Page. Go for it, same as in Option One. Still easy shmeezy. (Oh yes- subscribing does not mean I will somehow invade your personal computer space. Your privacy is yours alone. I don't collect or use anyone's data in any way for any reason. I'm just glad to know you read my blog.)

I will give you until March 31st to subscribe. Then I will put your name in a hat (a very nice felt and velvet hat, by the way) with the other names. I will put my right hand in, right hand out, right hand in and shake it all about, and say the magic words, Duo Muggulus Winnus. Your name will probably fly to my hand, as to a magnet.

Why not post a link to this on your FB page? It would be so nice of you! Nice people deserve a chance at a couple of new mugs! Your friends are most welcome to visit my blog.

Previous subscribers and winners are already in the pool. Subsequent mug drawings will always contain all U.S. subscribers who are still with me. If, perchance, you do not win, there will be another drawing eventually, and another...


  1. Signed up! Thanks!

  2. Glad! Shana, feel free to pass on the word. Let's give some mug-deprived soul a shot at these. (Who knows? It could be you again. Cast your bread upon the waters...)

  3. Love my mugs-could use two more :)

  4. Ettie- Remember to sign in for the drawing! Go to the dark blue bar at the top of the page and Follow, so I can know you're in!

  5. These are gorgeous! I signed up as a subscriber and also did the follower button, so hopefully this works. :-)

  6. It worked, Cheri! Thanks, and good luck!