Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Interview at Damomma

Boy, was this ever a busy period at the computer. Not at the potter's wheel, at the computer. Most interesting, nonetheless. interviewed me, in my role as an artist with a spiritual side. This terrific blog, subtitled "Motherhood is not for Wimps" does interviews and runs contests and delivers a dose of humor and common sense on a fairly regular basis.

I made the e-mail acquaintance of blogger Elizabeth Soutter through our mutual friend Shana, (Thanks, Shana!) who suggested to Liz that I was a possible candidate for a short series of interviews for Damomma. The results were- well, you can read 'em for yourself and see. The upshot for me was that following the post "going live," I had the pleasure of looking at and replying to comments it engendered.

It was meditative and thoroughly enjoyable.
Here's a photo my friend Maddy took, which is in Liz's interview with me.

Just a reminder: The free mugs drawing ends March 31st, so if you don't see yourself in the "followers" boxes, remember to sign up quick so you can have a chance.

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